Excellence is built in.

We are committed to become your supplier of choice with superior service along with the quality, reliability, and efficiency you expect from GE Industrial Motors a Wolong company. We are growing and investing in ways to best serve you. So, it’s a great time to start a new conversation.

  • We have highly experienced field salespeople, account managers and seasoned application engineers.

  • We robustly engineer motors ideal for VFD applications, reliable in severe duty environments, and easy on your driven equipment.

  • We are building new and expanded inventory.

  • We innovate with industry solutions.

AC Motors
MV Motors
DC Motors

Versatile and robust designs ideal for a wide range of challenging industrial environments and applications.

Severe duty and long-lasting operation in extreme industrial process environments and applications.

A reliable lifeline to driven equipment and backbone for production and operation.

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One of the world's top three
motor and drive manufacturers