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NEMA Premium General Purpose Motors

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Energy Saver - (W)

General Purpose Motor

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Energy Saver - (M)

Severe Duty

The Energy Saver NEMA Premium Efficient design meets CSA-Motors and C-390, UL-Component & Insulation System Recognition and CE mark for the 320 frame and smaller.

Five-year warranty is standard. This comprehensive warranty program covers both mechanical and NEMA Premium efficiency performance (60 months operational/66 months maximum from shipment).

  • Meets NEMA MG1 table 12-12 premium efficiency

  • Inverter Duty per NEMA MG1-31, suitable for variable torque loads of 10:1 and a constant torque load of 5:1 and constant HP 1.5:1

  • The frame, end shields and conduit box are a rugged cast iron construction.

  • Dual mounting holes to accommodate short and long frame dimension

  • A recessed steel-reinforced neoprene slinger minimizes entry of contaminants.

  • Exceeds 1000 hour salt spray test per ASTM B-117

  • IP-55 enclosure meets the enclosure requirement of IEEE 841

  • Suitable for Division 2 enviroment • Chevron Grease SRI #2 (Polyurea)

  • 26,280 hours L10 bearing life without life adjustment factors on belted loads

  • All 2 pole motors are vibration tested on a rigid base yielding smooth reliable operation

  • Patented bearing cooling system for TEFC motors eliminates the need for water cooled thrust bearings

Energy Saver Cross

Reference Brochure

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